Golden Metallics Restaurant Decor Trend 2020

Inspiring restaurant decor trends to watch in 2020 – Golden Metallics

We are already more than a halfway through 2019, hence it is a good idea to start looking forward into some forthcoming restaurant decor trends of 2020. In order to greet your clients with top-class hospitality, it is essential to go hand in hand with the latest tendencies. Golden Metallics is one of the trends that can guide the interior design of your luxury restaurant in the coming year. It focuses on high gloss metallic interior which is made of luxurious materials such as velvet, polished brass, lacquered wood, aluminium and crystal glass. The center color of this trend is golden with various combinations of black, brown and grey. The aim of the Golden Metallics is to make elegance, sophistication and glamour statement. In this article, you can find some luxury furniture examples and private dining room inspiration ideas for your restaurant that reflect this newest restaurant decor trends.

Golden Metallics - 2020 Hotel Decor Trends

Wall mirrors

By breaking the rules of reality and giving you the power of self-exploration, Rêve Mirror by invites to look closer and bring the magic of illusion into the room. A combination of gold chromium and black lacquer results in a glamorous design piece that will be an accent of a luxurious restaurant dining room.

Reve Mirror - Golden Metallics trend 2020
Reve WReve Wall Mirror - Golden Metallics trend 2020 - Inspirationall Mirror - Golden Metallics trend 2020

Mirrors are believed to have enchanting powers and Venice Mirror demonstrates it in an impressive manner. This handcrafted Venetian mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye. It is a piece that celebrates craftsmanship at its best and will add some passion for any space.

Venice Mirror - Golden Metallics decor trend 2020
Venice Mirror - Golden Metallics decor trend 2020 - Inspiration


Evolutionary sideboard

Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard is an art piece by itself and will surely provoke reaction being a part of your Golden Metallics private dining room. Made of hammered brass, gold leaf, black lacquered wood, polished and casted brass, this forward-looking sideboard aims to inspire and empower. The evolutionary idea behind it will leave your guests amazed and will fit well with the latest restaurant decor trends.

Gold Metallic trend 2020 - Sideboard
Sideboard - Interior Design Trends 2019

Golden dining table 

One of a kind design, with a unique table surface texture and incredible finish – Fortuna Dining Table will be a remarkable addition to any private dining room. This luxury dining table is made of polished brass and wood and represents sophistication, mysticism and enticement. It is made to satisfy and honour your passion for gold and luxury.

Fortuna Dinning Table - Golden Metallics trend 2020
Fortuna Dinning Table - Golden Metallics trend 2020 - Inspiration
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Crystal suspension Lamp

Made of crystal glass and brass, finished with gold plated Empire Snooker Suspension Lamp will be a piece of true jewellery for your hotel by creating a sophisticated and unique atmosphere. This piece depicts the essence of Golden Metallics – luxury and sophisticated, mystic glamour.

Suspension Lamp - Golden Metallics trend 2020
Suspension Lamp - Golden Metallics trend 2020 - Inspiration

Luxury sofa

If you are looking for an intriguing, luxurious and still comfortable upholstery item for your dining room, Mandy Sofa is the right choice. This piece will embellish any setting with its supple upholstery and a base in twisted high-gloss metal. Any client will recognize that this sofa transcends design and jewelry.

Mandy Sofa - Golden Metallic Decor trend 2020
Mandy Golden Metallic decor trend 2020 - inspiration


Glossy side table 

Newton Side Table can’t help but inspire your guests – it is made by mixing the old with new. Its structure is made from aluminium, lacquered in black, with a high gloss varnish and thus represents the latest hotel decor trends well. This side table’s design is expressive and forward-thinking with its gold plated spheres and semi spheres. This piece will bring futuristic and modern appeal to your restaurant dining room set.

Newton Side Table - Golden Metallics decr trend 2020
Newton Side Table - Golden Metallics decor trend 2020 - Inspiration

Elegant dining chair

Charla Dining Chair is made for those who appreciate timeless elegance with a modern twist. Made using a complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass and lacquered wood, this piece will provide a sophisticated finishing touch for your Golden Metallics dining room.

Charla Dinning Chair - Golden Metallics decor trend 2020
Charla Dining Chair - Golden Metallics decor trend 2020 - Inspiration

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