Restaurant Interior Ideas – the exotic Villon by Kelly Wearstler

Villon is a sophisticated all-day USA restaurant and lounge at San Francisco Proper Hotel. A recent icon of restaurant interior ideas the Villon is situated in the restored historic lobby in a nearly centenary building, Villon sweeps three distinguishable spaces projected by famous interior designer Kelly WearstlerThe hotel´s restaurant was designed with reference to French cubist painter Jacques Villon- brother of artist Marcel Duchamp – and decorated using different European styles.

Restaurant Interior Ideas - the exotic Villon by Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American famous interior designer and one of the most well-known names in interior designers and architecture industry. Her unique aesthetic and approach allow her to revolutionized the look, feel and meaning of modern American glamour.

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Admired for her bold and authentic designs and amazing interior projects she served as a judge on Bravo´s Top Design and The New Yorker once called her ” the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design”.

Restaurant Interior Ideas - the exotic Villon by Kelly Wearstler

What brings interest restaurant interior decor.  In her project is a lot of natural materials, textures, and colors an element of nature like stone, luxe woods or patina metal is always part of Wearstler´s restaurant interior design.

Restaurant Interior Ideas - the exotic Villon by Kelly Wearstler

The Hotel´s restaurant interior decor, with all of Wearstler’s signature playful glamour, mingles throughout. Kelly Wearstler´s funky-luxurious design – replete with curvaceous velvet sofas, audacious patterns and a miscellanea of art- gives welcomes guests to Villon in the colorful and joyful entrance-hall just outside. Introducing us to a whole new concept of restaurant color ideas.

The restaurant, with its lounge foul into the lobby, has a rejoicing vibe. Don´t let its location off the hotel lobby fool you, a sprinkling of bowed and backed booths create a sense of intimacy and the wood floors with black quadrate bring a notion of luxury and cosmopolitism to the 50- seat space.

Villon restaurant by Kelly Wearstler

With just a allude of Art Deco style understate the dining room, which runs into the right balance between masculine and feminine that reflects Wearstler´s restaurant interior ideasThe fine-looking black box girder upper surface is an overhang with at least ten oval lights encircled by white ruffles, which make them look like baskets.

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On one side of the room, there is a stately bar hardbound with floor-to-ceiling shelves furnished that invited the diners to gather for trying there own”7×7″  anthology of 49 original and classic cocktails by BVHospitality pays playful homage to the city’s seven-by-seven- mile area. A covered green wall is complemented with blacks leather banquettes while romantic garment chandeliers make a contrast with graphic patterns of the chairs and floor.

Kelly Wearstler is known for her hotels and asked what is the most important aspect of hospitality design she´s said ” Travelers are living in the moment, outside of their normal, daily routine. Senses are heightened, and expectations are open. There´s a thrill of designing environments of people of expending their experiences. “

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